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Flower Series One Pattern Correction:

Pattern # 12: The DMC colors 211 and 471 have the same symbol. Since one is in the center of the purple flower and one is in the green leaf, we hope this does not cause you concern.  If you need a corrected copy, please let us know.


Correction for Flower Series One pattern 12

Some charts were printed with the same symbol twice in the legend.  They were two different colors but new charts have this corrected.  The new symbol is for color # 327 See below.

Old Legend       New Legend

Flower Series Two Pattern Corrections:
Pattern #3: The dot at the top of the color key reads 772 and should be 746.
Pattern #4 Corrections (PDF)
Pattern #6 Corrections (PDF)
Pattern #11: The original pattern showed the color 352 with the same symbol as 3347. The solid square symbol was marked as 517 color, although should be 817.


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