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Micheles Christmas Ornament Correction and Finishing Instructions:

Back stitch all outlines with two threads of floss Press stitched piece from reverse, straightening as much as possible. Using stabilizer cut to same size as stitched piece, adding 1/2” boarder on all sides. Following manufacturer’s instruction, fuse stabilizer to back of stitched piece. Trim stitched piece to 1/2” from stitching on all sides (same size as stabilizer). Measure the center part of the ornament, all three sections together. Cut out a piece of mat board the same size. Divide into three even sections and score it on two sides so that you can fold into a triangle. Tape the triangle piece together and cover with batting. Set aside. Turn seam allowances to back of stitched piece and finger-press in place, pressing along back stitched border. Carefully fold ornament so that edges are together, right side out, and back stitched borders aligned. Working through back stitched border and using two strands of thread, sew two angled sides of top together. Add ribbon to make a hanger and whip stitch last angled side together. Fit your triangle board into the middle section and sew the side seam. Fill with batting making sure to add enough to also fill the point. Sew together bottom points in the same manner making sure to add bottom ribbons.

Finishing Instructions:
When all stitching is finished lay the piece face down on a clean cloth and steam press to flatten and block your piece straight. You will need a piece of  iron on stabilizer that is stiff and fusible on one side only. Large enough to cover entire piece and a 1/2’ boarder. Follow instructions on interfacing to iron on. Trim all fabric edges to allow for a 1/2” seam. Once this is done turn the edges under and finger press right on the stitched edge that will be joined together. Line up the backstitches along both joining seams so they  are parallel to each other  with the right sides of the fabric facing out. These diagonal stitched lines will be whipped stitched together with a double thread the same color that you have used to make the back stitched lines. Make sure you keep each side parallel going back and forth with your thread and do not pierce the fabric. Just lace the joining thread back and forth between threads. Pull these joining threads snug but not so tight that they pucker your fabric. You will have two joining lines to do on both top and bottom of this three sided ornament to this point. Before you join the last seam on the top leave room to insert a loop of cording that will be to hang the ornament. Approximate length is 6”. Join the bottom seams in the same manner leaving space to attach the hanging crystal tassel. At this point you will fill the ornament with soft fiber fill. A good tool to use here is a chop stick to push the fill into the point. Use lots of fill to make the ornament nice a full. 

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