What is Sym-Stitching?

If you want to see and try something different, then here it is. Sym-stitching. I had to find a name for this form of specialty stitches because the other titles did not cover what I teach in my patterns. Sym-stitching is short for Symmography. You may look at the stitches and know they seem familiar but may not know why. The stitches are string art that have been adapted for fabric. Most Symmography is a variety of crescents. The technique looks very intricate but you'll be amazed at how easy and fast it is. A stretcher system is a must. It does not make any difference if that is a hoop or stretcher bars. Since there are so many long stitches the fabric has to be very taut. So when you take the project off the stretcher bars it will be at the right tension for finishing. Use the needle of your choice but use the best one for the size of fabric you will be using.